Blood Crying Out from the Ground

Blood Sweat and Tears. Number 2

Blood Sweat and Tears. Number 2 (Photo credit: Jakob E)

When Cain killed his baby brother Abel, he thought he got away with it, but the Bible says God confronted him, saying, “His blood cried out to me from the ground.”  It isn’t that God did not see the murder as it happened, but the death was just the beginning of the story.  Cain, in typical sociopathic fashion had already put it out of his mind.  He felt no remorse.

God asked him where his brother was, and Cain replied, “I don’t know.”  Then in an even more off-hand remark, “Am I my brother’s keeper?” or in today’s syntax, “How should I know?  I don’t care where he is or what he is doing.”  But the blood soaked soil was ringing into God’s ears at that very moment.

To GOD he said this!  Lying to God’s face is a not a good idea, and Cain paid the price.  He was not struck down, but God put a mark on him, and cursed the ground that had been his line of work.  Cain, from that point on, wandered the world as a marked man.

I have to wonder if this is true of all murders.  Because blood is an important life force, I believe it is.  If so, America is a blood soaked land.  In thinking it over, we must stop lying to ourselves, especially but to God in particular.  We should CARE.  And we do, momentarily, but ten minutes after hearing of another victim we forget about her.  We move on, as if we are not her keeper…

Think of the number of outright murders (in the world at large) we have processed during our lives!  Even if you limit it to premeditated murder, it is a huge number!  Limit it to just America and it is still astonishing.  Daily we hear of another and another and another…and we have come to accept it.  But this unending violence in our streets and homes is sickening beyond comprehension.  All this blood!

This blood cannot be disregarded by a civilized society.  We must never even think of saying to ourselves, much less to God, “How should I know?  Am I responsible for others?”

America’s society of tolerance and restraint has arrived at the point we cannot go on and remain a civilized society.  The violence against innocent women and children at least should force us to cry out to each other and to the Holy God Himself.  We are each other’s keeper, and to continue believing we are only responsible for our own selves and our own well-being is just too thin a cover.


3 comments on “Blood Crying Out from the Ground

  1. yes
    I think every murder is mine and I the victim of every murder… we are one and that is the price. Without taking conscious, personal responsibility for the murderous thoughts and actions within our own microcosmic world we give permission for it all to continue as is…. on a more positive note when we DO take conscious notice of our world and our management of it, reducing our violent thoughts and actions however justified we may think they are, we suddenly and definitely bring in the light and lessen the violence on the whole… those are my quick thoughts on it anyway!
    great post!

    • tandybelt says:

      I like this philosophy, and you are right. I have been rejected for teaching that kids are naturally born “violent” and that gentleness and empathy must be taught, both by intervention and guidance, and more importantly, by example. Children do not KNOW the kitten is suffering until we explain it to them. I also heard that zero tolerance of violence, whether word or deed is best, but we did not achieve this in our home. Since then, I have modified my views to think it is a good goal, but with the increase in random violence, there is a place for self-defense. These are tough issues.
      Thank you for commenting! I am spreading the word to young moms about your blog.

      • Thankyou for spreading the word about the blog, one of the reasons I do this is so that mums like I was (at 17) can have some of the info it took me twenty leads to learn!!
        as far as eradicating violence…I do 2 martial arts and ironically have developed enough confidence and self-awareness from them to clean out some of the violent detritus in my life…. we need to deal with whatever happens in the moment in whatever way we think is appropriate even if we need to revisit it later and learn again from the mis-take, sometimes it seems like violence even when it isn’t… we are such a complicated bunch us humans… and then when down to the nitty gritty under all the programming we are probably perfectly simple!

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